Chapter 15 Ailments & Options

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Chapter 15

Ailments & Alternative Options


We have journeyed through this book, gone on adventures learning about how we can heal the body energetically with the foods that are healthy and how we can live in a non-toxic home. Everything takes time to shift and change within. While we work on these changes, our body gets stronger each day.

As the body starts to flourish, life becomes a new journey of hope and happiness.  When we achieve that status of good health, we still need to feed and nourish our bodies daily. Yes, we can cheat here and there and have those foods that are not on the health list. You will find it interesting, though, once you choose that good living state, how your body will react to certain foods. These reactions can lead again to distress if we don’t return to the healthier eating. I do grab that odd bag of potato chips, four times a year maybe or that package of licorice of the kind that is almost pure sugar. I try not to beat myself up over it and enjoy for the moment. Then I go right back to the foods that nourish my body, heart, spirit and soul all at once. Look at what is in your grocery cart or basket and see what you are taking home. Is it good for you? Is it just comfort food? Is it healthy for you, and is it comfort food like black bean dip and veggies or hummus and veggies?

We can observe and watch others, and know where they are stuck in life situations and how it affects their bodies. We can also see how we can overcome illnesses and maintain a state of well-being by bringing in the products that we require to healing from within.

This chapter will first focus on the therapeutic actions that can be provided by the foods and essential oils that we covered.  Then we will see some of the diseases/illness that are in the write-ups for the food groups. The aim is to show the description of the ailment and offer some of the foods that can assist with the healing process.

Disclaimer:  The following information is for reading and exploring. I do not or will not prescribe any of the following to the reader.   

PLEASE use this following section to add all your notes along with other options that you have heard about. Let this be the book that you write in, update and use as your personal healing go to book. There are a lot more options that can go under the sections in this chapter, like the vitamins and minerals. 

The following pages for this chapter will only be a small version of what is in "Essentials For Natural Healing". I want to share a bit on to get you more interested in what is available for your health and wellbeing. This book was created after years of research and determination to find out what I can do for my own personal health and want to share this with everyone. There is much value in this book and I was able to find information that i could not find in the libraries or on the book shelves.




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