About the Author


Kimberley Buckler's Story

In the 1990's Kimberley started to realize that her body was speaking loudly in order for her to make some changes and find healthier options for her body and life in general. She was exposed to toxins in offices and also while working on construction sites.

She started a business in 2003 called "Spirit & Soul Healing". She offered Reiki and readings in 2003. Now there are sessions for Reiki, Readings, Akashic Record Healing, Reflexology, Light Body Integrations, release of entities and spirit attachments. All energy work is multi dimensional. She also does house and land clearings to help clear imprints and help spirits cross over to the other side.

Kimberley’s love for healthy foods and herbs, passion to having a healthy body and life became a life style that she lives daily.

Since 2002 she shares what she has learn in workshops that she teaches: Usui Reiki, Reflexology, Building Your Intuition, Crystal Healing and How to work with the Spirit Realm. Kimberley wrote “The Essence of Who We Are” 2015 and “Essentials for Natural Healing” in 2017 so that she could share what is available to us to heal within and enjoy life to its fullest.